Postharvest Biology and Technology
1. Vacuum packaging optimises quality and reduces postharvest losses of pomegranate fruits

Farid Moradinezhad; Mehdi Khayyat; Fatemeh Ranjbari; Zahra Maraki

Volume 2, Special Issue - Postharvest Losses , Winter and Spring 2019, , Pages 15-26

  Purpose: Pomegranate fruit is highly susceptible to water loss and chilling injuries during postharvest cold storage. Thus an experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of modified atmosphere packaging on pomegranate shelf life and chilling resistance under cold storage. Research method: Treatments ...  Read More

Food Science and Technology
2. Effects of potassium metabisulfite pre-treatment and different drying temperatures on some chemical properties and color retention of Russian olive (Elaeagnus Angustifolia) fruit

Mehdi Khayyat; Hashem Amini; Saeed Moodi; Farid Moradinezhad; Sohrab Mahmoodi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2018, , Pages 49-62

  Silverberry fruit is an important medicinal fruit that used for reducing pain. The present work was carried out to study the effect of potassium meta-bisulfite (KMS) and air drying temperature on quality of Russian olive fruit. Different KMS levels (0, 1, 2 and 4%) and drying temperatures (45, 60 and ...  Read More