Plant Stress
1. Response of Oasian and exotic pepper (Capsicum spp.) cultivars from Tunisia to salt stress at germination and early seedling stages

Rabeb El khaldi; Dhaouadi Latifa; Besser Houda

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 06 June 2020

  Purpose: In Oasis areas, salinity becomes a real threat for sustainable agricultural production, and with the introduction of non-native varieties, salinity pressure is more expressed and has harmful outcomes to the local ecosystem and biodiversity. In this context the present study was conducted ...  Read More

2. A review on challenges and prospects of potato (Solanum tuberosum) production systems in Rwanda

Flavien Shimira; Fabrice Afloukou; Festus Maniriho

Volume 3, Special Issue - Abiotic and Biotic Stresses , Winter and Spring 2020, , Pages 97-112

  Purpose: Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is an important food and cash crop globally, particularly in Rwanda whereby it is ranked fourth most grown food crops after banana, sweet potato and cassava. The purpose of this review study is to analyze and understand potato yield production systems in Rwanda and ...  Read More

3. The response of Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris L.) to nitrogen levels and intra-row spacing in Debre Berhan Central Ethiopia

Gebremedhin Hailay; Awgchew Haymanot

Volume 2, Issue 2 , Summer and Autumn 2019, , Pages 105-116

  Purpose: Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris L.) is highly appreciated for its nutritional properties, year round availability, low cost and wide use. In central highlands of Ethiopia, Swiss chard has been producing in urban and peri-urban areas but limited information is available about its nutrition and planting ...  Read More

4. Individual modelling of leaf area in cress and radish using leaf dimensions and weight

Mohmmad Hossein Aminifard; Hassan Bayat; Mehdi Khayyat

Volume 2, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2019, , Pages 83-94

  Purpose: The objective of this study was to establish equations to estimate leaf area (LA) using length (L), width (W), fresh weight (FW) and dry weight (DW), length × width (L×W), width/length (W/L) of cress leaves as a leafy vegetable and radish  leaves as a root vegetable. Research ...  Read More