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Specifications of the JHPR app are as follows:

On the home page, users have access to introducing the JHPR, the JHPR app, and the JHPR overview clip. The JHPR app designed for android users to facilitate access to the Journal of Horticulture and Postharvest Research (JHPR) website information via smartphones. Also, sending notifications to users like the latest news and published articles of the JHPR journal. However, there is no submission or review via the JHPR app.

The latest news and announcements regarding the JHPR journal and JHPR app will appear on the News menu.

New Articles
The latest published or in press articles are shown on the new articles menu.

Some frequency and important questions of authors and reviewers about the manuscript answered in the FAQ.

In this menu, databases that the JHPR journal indexed and or abstracted are shown.

The reviewers' name of each published issue and short guidelines for reviewers of the journal will appear in this menu.

Users can rate the JHPR app on the Poll menu.

It shows the link to the JHPR page on Instagram as an important social media on the net.

It shows the link to the JHPR page on Twitter.


The link to the official website of the Journal of Horticulture and Postharvest Research (JHPR).

Users can select favorites articles or other pages in the app. Also, they can search for favorites on this menu.

Message Box
All notifications of the JHPR editor will save in the message box.

Contact us
The official email address of the journal to contact the journal.