Journal scope

The journal is mainly devoted to horticultural crops and publishes original research and review articles, and short communications that meet the general criteria of significance in all areas related to fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamental and medicinal plants. In addition, articles on postharvest technology of important grains will be published. Articles in JHPR deal with scientific and applied research of horticultural plants in different aspects including:

  • Plant physiology
  • Breeding, biotechnology, new cultivar and germplasm releases
  • Plant growth and development, propagation and tissue culture
  • Plant growth regulators, phytochemicals and their medicinal uses
  • Plant allelopathy
  • Plant nutrition and irrigation
  • Biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Greenhouse production and nursery management
  • Postharvest biology and technology
  • Pre-harvest factors affecting postharvest quality
  • Harvesting, handling, storage technologies (CA, MA)
  • Postharvest treatments, shelf life, quality, and sensory evaluations
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and fresh-cut produce
  • Drying methods and minimal processing of fruits and vegetables
  • Postharvest disorders and diseases, biological control, stored products